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Eating Habits - Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy

Eating Habits – Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy

I had a dream I was in high school, but with my middle school and college classmates. The college classmates, the boyfriend as well, were doing the procession through a super fancy bathroom. I’m talking marble floor and walls, high tech massage chairs, a winding maze of perfect stalls. Then we all had to make arrangements for our senior trip to somewhere in Florida and I had to take the drive…

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Vacation Log

It’s a good feeling to get your act together. It’s not fun when cravings hit, but it’s fun to beat them! What’s life without some challenge, yeah? Like how you feel when you beat a video game by yourself. I haven’t experienced that in a while. Better bust out my DS again soon. And my brother reminded me of making a food log so I can see my victories and struggles. I used the template from the…

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Bachelorette Groceries

Damn. Damn. Damn!

I really thought I could do it, guys. I thought I could get through my birthday unscathed. The mentality was there. I made the choices I made purposely. But the nail in the coffin was my choice not to cook in our downtime the Thursday my mom was here. That led to absolute disaster. I’m sorry. I was hoping I could go much longer without talking about another binge. I think I…

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Immature? Me? Why I nev—PIZZA PARTY!

Immature? Me? Why I nev–PIZZA PARTY!

Guess what! I’m learning! I’m becoming a real big girl with big girl confidence and positivity and mindset to treat myself without binging. Suck it, binges! Despite that I’ve likely had too much sugar the last couple of weeks and your body can’t tell the difference between natural and chemical sugar when it needs to release insulin, I’ve still been a solid 90/10 clean! It’s been a very good few…

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Baby Steps

When Tropical Traditions has a sale, you do NOT ignore them.

New this week: When Tropical Traditions has a sale, you do NOT say no.

Well this has been a hell of a reinvention week. I don’t want to get too excited. Clearly there’s some of that exciting feeling of novelty at work here and it’s only a few days since my body hurt so much from the three weeks of consistent binging. By the way, thank you for the support shown on my last post. It means so much to…

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Beauty: Short Term vs. Long Term

Beauty: Short Term vs. Long Term

This post is a bit serious. The road to health isn’t always easy. But you’re welcome to skip straight to the featured recipe. It’s a stupid easy one!

I learned something important that I hope stays with me longer than the fraction of an instant that most motivational things like to stay with me. Your success in your life and health has a direct correlation to what your goals are for your life and…

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Con High, Con Drop, and Catch Up

Con High, Con Drop, and Catch Up

I’ve not posted since before Play On Con so there’s a bit of catching up to do. I’ll do my best to keep it brief. I hate long posts. You’re also welcome to skip straight to the FEATURED RECIPE. It’s a good one! ONWARD! So the 21 DSD sorta crashed that last week. I admit my feelings got the best of me as the convention drew near. I felt such anguish about being alone despite that I knew I wouldn’t…

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NAP Time: Rights =/= Wants

NAP Time: Rights =/= Wants

You won’t understand the Hobby Lobby situation until you understand the definition of rights and how they differ from wants. Rights are inherent (NOT granted). Wants are not. Living is a right no one has permission to take from you. Birth control is a want. Controlling your business (aka your property) is a right. Benefits from your employer is a want, a want you discuss when creating a contract…

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21DSD: Day 15 - Home stretch!

21DSD: Day 15 – Home stretch!

Two weeks down, one to go! Should be easy enough as I breeze through this week on a cloud of happiness. Vacation draws near!

Now there are some forces in the universe that would have my happiness’s head on a stake. It’s true. There are beings that thrive on devouring the happiness of others. Those beings are employees of the State. Those shameless, blameless, give no cares for society soul…

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21DSD: Day 11-One Victory to Rule Them All

21DSD: Day 11-One Victory to Rule Them All

I’m riding a righteous wave of determination right now. This time around on the detox, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve allowed myself to be so emotional that I might want to break. The completely immature triggers make me laugh on hindsight. The underlying cause is almost always loneliness. (That part isn’t funny, but the symptoms that creep up are so childish, it’s pretty funny.…

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